Welcome To St. Joseph’s Galbally Primary School

The children, staff, parents and governors form a vibrant school community which offers all the children a happy, caring and hard working environment. The website will give you an insight into the wonderful opportunities that the children have to experience inside and outside the classroom. The site aims to give you an overview of St. Joseph’s, as well as providing regular updated information for both parents and pupils.  Important links are the Information Page which contains the school policies and the Calendar Page which details the school holidays and other events.  Click here to view the Dinner Menu from Monday 4th of June to Thursday 28th of June.

Best Teacher Winner from The Families First Spring 2018 Awards is Master Joey Kelly 

Congratulations to Master Joey Kelly on winning this award.  Thanks to everyone who wished him luck, voted for him with all their lovely comments and commented on facebook posts. Thanks to the parents of St Joseph’s Galbally, the Staff, Principal and Board of Governors who are so supportive.


Philomena Begley Concert In Aid of Raising Funds For St. Joseph’s Primary School

We at St Joseph’s want to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE who participated in anyway in making the concert a huge success.  A real community event with everyone playing their part in making it such a success.  From the committee appointed to get things up and running, our Board of Governors, St Joseph’s staff, all who sponsored the wonderful and monumental booklet, the fantastic artists who played and entertained, to the backing singers and performers, to The Queen herself, Philomena, her son Aidan and all extended families.  Finally a MASSIVE thanks must go to YOU, the people.  Without all of you it would not have been possible.  We thank YOU all for your kind donations and continued support for our wonderful school.  We acknowledge that a lot of people came from all over Ireland and we want to thank you once again and we hope you all had an enjoyable night.