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St. Joseph's Primary School, Galbally, Dungannon Co Tyrone

Cycling Proficiency, Primary 7

3rd Jun 2021

The Primary 7 children have been busy this week taking part in the Cycling Proficiency Scheme (CPS).

The CPS teaches children who can already ride a bicycle, how to do so more safely. It covers what to wear, bicycle maintenance and the rules of the road.

It also allows children to practice cycling manoeuvres in a safe environment. Manoeuvres include starting off, slowing down, stopping and parking, turning right and left, overtaking parked cars, passing side roads and carrying out emergency stops safely. The CPS also provides information on the different types of cycle routes available.

As well as the practical aspects, pupils must pass a theory test on relevant sections of the Highway Code.

Good luck to all the boys abs girls taking part!